Medabots was Japanese video game franchise was later adapted into a Japanese anime television series produced by Bee Train, the series is licensed by Nelvana Limited. The Nelvana Limited English dubbed version of Medabots aired on the American Fox Kids network from September 1, 2001 through November 2, 2002 and was one of the channel's highest rated new series at the time.

I was 11 at the time and every kid I knew at that age was watching this show every evening after school. In one year Medabots accomplished being one of the great cartoons on tv and engraving itself into the minds and hearts of the children that watched it at the time. Watching it day the show doesn’t hold up in comparison to cartoon or even Japanese anime of today. The writing in the Dubbed and original versions are bad, even the voice acting.  The animation isn’t up for par even at the time it was new. The show was only made to get kids into the video games but being and regular  kid in America I had no idea it had a game or that the show was Japanese. All I and anyone you ask can tell you is that the show was amazing. The concept was so different and the idea of robots that children can battle each other with was mind blowing. In a time when old show are being brought back I believe the this show should come back, but come back with a new look.

This project started as just a model of Metabee for an art contest, and become a passion and educational project for me. Capturing the same tone and feel on the original while giving it my own modern day twist was a challenge. I even had some friends to help along the way. Hopefully you enjoy all the content I post leading up to the release of the short film. If I can get enough love and support for the channel I’ll make more. Or if people have other Ideas that they want to see I can make that also. So Follow me, Subscribe to my channel and donate to my patreon it all really help, Thank you.

Herb Character Rig and SpaceShip Rig

A work in progress of Ai-Chicago's Team Animation project for Fall 2012. Everything was concept-ed, modeled, textured, rigged and animated in 11 weeks. There is still plenty of work to be done; please, any comments, critiques, ideas would be greatly appreciated!

I did all the animation, lighting and background. Characters rigs belong to

I did all the animation, lighting and background. Characters rigs belong to

I did all the animation, lighting and background. Characters rigs belong to

2012 this is really old
This was my 3d animtion class final project. it doesn't have all the FX that I wanted to put in, and I did even know if should even put then in.

"Iron" - Woodkid